Photo Restoration Service

Photo Restoration Service

Many photos have led a difficult life and have the scars to prove it! Scratches or tears can sometimes hide significant parts of a photo. Usually, it is clear from the photo what is missing. Sometimes it is necessary for the restorer to use his/her imagination. Either way, whatever is needed, I can use my experience in photo restoration to help recapture the celebrations and emotions from the past.
Fading is a common problem that faces all photographs eventually. And some photos from the '60s and '70s are even more vulnerable than those from the Victorian or Edwardian era, because of the different chemistry involved. Keeping photos in a cool, dry and dark place will slow down the process, but that is not very helpful if you want to display your family photos proudly on the wall!
Wherever the problem is with your photos, I can re-create an Illustrated Portrait drawing for you, that will allow you to keep on remembering loved ones and distant memories.
This type of work is something that I would love to do more of. It provides me with a real personal connection, and I love the process of layering different images to create something fresh for the client. To be able to give a tattered old photo a new lease of life is extremely exciting.
With photo restoration, so long as we can find a photo where the subject is relatively close to the camera, so enough detail has been captured, I should be able to create something unique for you. I have an example on my homepage if this service is of interest.
I use some of the very best materials made for artists. Paper is always smooth, so to be able to capture as much detail as possible, and heavy. I use paper between 250-300 grams, and always use spray fixative to help preserve your new commissioned art.
A photo restoration portrait would make the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day gift, or the most beautiful anniversary gift for someone close to your heart!


"Shayne has brought a memory of our Nan to real life! With this amazing picture. I recommend his work 100%. To have such a combination of the family put together, has touched us. I have known Shayne for over 20years and can’t tell you what a lovely guy he really is, and just the person to create these pictures
Thank you Shayne."
Danny W. Essex

My Love for Photo Restoration

Restoring a withered, tattered old photo and giving it a new lease of life is a truly rewarding experience for me. To be able to add a different background for example, or remove certain images that the client wished were not there, and to create a composition that the client absolutely loves provides me with a more personal experience on a project. Sometimes a client has only one old photo to work from, a photo that is steeped in memory and emotion... some happy...some sad, and to know that I’ve been able to reinvigorate old feelings and attachments, is something truly special. How can you not feel emotionally connected to this type of work :)