Single/Couple Portrait Drawing

Single / Couple Portrait Drawing | Shayne Wise Art #1

Single/Couple Portrait Drawing

One of my most frequent requests is to draw portraits of couples. Whether it’s a portrait of yourselves or a portrait painting of your parents or grandparents, each drawing tells a personal story that can be treasured for generations.

Clients often surprise their significant other with the gift of a personalised portrait drawing. They simply email me over their favourite photos, and I look after the rest. These portrait drawings capture the love in their relationships and turn unforgettable memories into exciting art pieces to display in their homes or offices. Portraits of couples make the perfect gift for any couple.


Contact me now so we can discuss the needs and requirements for your artwork.


What better way to surprise your loved ones this year than with a personalised gift, by way of a hand crafted portrait. We can create a single portrait, for example, of just your partner by themselves, or we can draw the both of you together.
It is possible to take reference from a favoured photo of you both, or by choosing separate photos and bringing them together to make something really special.
A single/couple portrait would make the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day gift, or the most beautiful anniversary gift for your parents.
All portraits are designed and priced, for head and shoulders with a white background. It is possible to add anything to your commission, but there will be additional expenses.


"I cannot recommend Shayne enough as a portrait artist. Shayne was professional and prompt from the outset, really caring, and attentive to what I wanted to achieve. Fully reassured me throughout the process with lots of discussions and a draft portrait not only that the turnaround time was amazing, the portrait was beautifully packaged and his service as a whole was brilliant. The portrait itself is exactly what I wanted. Shayne is so talented. The portrait will be displayed in our home as a very valued piece.  Put your trust in Shayne, and you will not be disappointed! Thank you Shayne!" 

Frankie M. London


My Love for Couple Portraits 

I get many requests for single or couple portraits as they make the perfect gift for many a different occasion... Engagements, weddings, birthdays etc. One of the reasons I get excited about this type of portrait is that so often, the images that surround these occasions are full of love, joy,  and happiness, and so provide bundles of expression, which is actually quite tangible. And because there are only one or two subjects, it provides an opportunity to enlarge the image and really work the detail. If a quality photograph is provided, one that is in perfect focus, has great lighting, and is taken close to the subject, I will be able to draw the patterns in the eye, every eye lash and strand of hair, even the pores in the skin. The finished result will be breathtaking.