I absolutely love creating those really smooth skin blends that you see in my drawings, along with those realistic strands of hair and the wrinkles and pores of the skin, and spend hours upon hours of layering, smoothing, and blending to create that look. I delicately apply different tonal values and lift minuscule imperfections, over and over, until I achieve a smooth, balanced, realistic finish. This process can take many days and requires patience, time, and great attention to detail. If this finish excites you too, then come say hi, I can't wait to hear from you :)
Set prices for portraits include head and shoulders with white background for people, or head and neck with white background for pets. It is possible to include more in your drawing but please bear in mind this will incur additional costs. Please enquire for a quotation.
1 face £295
1 face £395
2 face £545
3 face £695
2 face £740
3 face £915
4 face £1090
Add On - £25
'Add On' is a charge for additional elements that the customer would like to add to their commission, such as a detailed background or similar. Please enquire if you would like any additional details included with your portrait so I can provide information on time and cost.