Pet Portrait Drawing


Pet Portrait Drawing 

Among other works, I create beautiful Pet Portraits from photos, hand-drawn of your favourite pets and animals.  Furthermore, I work in various drawing mediums to ensure I capture your pet perfectly, and in fine detail. 

Commissioning a pet portrait is an easy process, but the key is the quality of the photo reference.


Contact me now so we can discuss the needs and requirements for your artwork.


There’s no denying that a loving pet becomes part of your family.
If you have old photos of loved pets that have sadly passed, or if you have several pets and you would like to bring them all together to create a beautiful keepsake, it is totally possible to do. Please do get in touch as I’d love to see them all.
I use some of the very best materials made for artists. Paper is always smooth, so to be able to capture as much detail as possible, and heavy. I use paper between 250-300 grams, and always use spray fixative to help preserve your new commissioned art.
A family portrait would make the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day gift, or the most beautiful anniversary gift for someone close to your heart!



"So pleased with my portrait from Shayne - so talented, efficient from start to finish, and really helped me decide what I wanted. Very professional and would definitely recommend - the finished drawing bought tears to my eyes of the person I had bought it for! Thanks Shayne"

Sach F. Hampshire


My Love for Pet Portraits

I adore animals... all animals, and feel they’re 100% good for the soul. I’ve had several dogs and cats in my lifetime, also guinea pigs, hamsters.... umm even a big fat frog. I’ve even nursed a bird back to good health. They’re great companions for all the family and thrive off love and attention just like us. I understand completely how close people become to their pets and to be able to create a beautiful, cherished piece of art for a client, of their beloved pet, gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction.