Family Portrait Drawing

Family Portrait Drawing | Shayne Wise Art #1

Family Portrait Drawing

I create my family portraits in a variety of styles, depending on my client’s needs. I have been drawing professional family portraits for many years, working with many families and children of all ages.


Unlike most family portrait artists, I believe in capturing a natural family connection in the art piece, and I aim to avoid anything staged or forced. Instead, I ask my clients to produce photographs that they love, and I use these images to produce my work and their natural family portrait.

Portraits of families make the perfect gift for any loved one or friend. Sadly, some families don’t have recent photos where they are all together. They ask me to reference the photos they have and recreate their memories so that they can finally have a beautiful portrait to call their own.


Contact me now so we can discuss the needs and requirements for your artwork.

I absolutely love looking through family photographs and finding the best references to use, to create a family portrait. I feel this is where we really can create something special. It gives you the ability to choose literally all your favourite pictures, of all your favourite people, and bring them together to make the most fantastic keepsake.
A family portrait would make the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day gift, or the most beautiful anniversary gift for someone close to your heart!
Depending on size, and the amount of subjects, these type of portraits can take a very long time to achieve, but the final piece really is something to cherish.
I use some of the very best materials made for artists. Paper is always smooth, so to be able to capture as much detail as possible, and heavy. I use paper between 250-300 grams, and always use spray fixative to help preserve your new commissioned art.



"Beyond impressed with my A2 and A4 commission pieces from Shayne. It was only two weeks between me messaging Shayne, telling him what I was after and the pieces being ready to collect. He kept me updated through-out with photos of his progress and telling me what he was going to do next. The pieces themselves are phenomenal, I've never seen drawings look so realistic. He even packaged them in a beautiful presentation, ready to be gifted. They really are wonderful. Shayne is fantastic at what he does and I could recommend him enough. Thank you, Shayne xx"

Georgina H. Essex


My Love for Family Portrait 

This type of portraiture is quickly becoming one of my favourite to do. They can take a very long time to complete, but when they are, they always look absolutely amazing. I love the different ages, the different textures of skin, old and new, different hair colour etc, it all helps to create a dramatic piece of artwork. When you stand back and see all of your beloved family members in one place, it can be quite emotional. As you can imagine, some family members have sometimes passed so I always feel completely honored when asked to help create a family portrait.