Child & Baby Portrait Drawing

Child / Baby Portrait Drawing | Shayne Wise Art #1

Child/Baby Portrait Drawing

I offer timeless, portrait drawings that capture, celebrate and remember the beautiful moments of your adorable children and babies - combining heartwarming images with beautifully drawn portraits, that will record memories that you and your children will cherish forever. 

Whether you have a tiny newborn, smiley baby, exuberant toddler or talented teenager, capture these memories so you can look back fondly for years to come.

By having a beautiful portrait designed for your child or baby now, your children will be able to look back at it for years to come and be reminded of their loved and happy upbringing.


Contact me now so we can discuss the needs and requirements for your artwork.


To be able to capture your child's first ventures in the world is truly endearing.
We can draw like for like from a cherished photograph, or make adjustments to a photo during the process. If you have a photo that you particularly love, but there are certain images around the subject that you wished wasn’t there, we can change them for you. We could add a different background for example, or wrap your newborn baby in a blanket, or even have them looking snug on a cozy duvet. I am certain that together, we could create something really unique that you are proud to place on your wall!
A child/baby portrait would make the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day gift, or the most beautiful anniversary gift for someone close to your heart!



"Shayne is an amazing artist and so easy to work with. Had a portrait done of myself and hubby collated from two different photos and you would never know! The portrait looks better than the photos... Now I’m back a second time for a very special commission and I asked for it at such short notice for Christmas, but Shayne being such an amazing person is making it happen. I'm very grateful and couldn't recommend Shayne highly enough."

Lisa B. Essex


My Love for Child/baby Portrait 

For me, as an artist, I have always loved creating realistic smooth skin and spend hour upon hour delicately laying and lifting tonal values to create that smooth effect. Babies and children have the most perfect skin to draw, and to be able to catch a moment in their life, a moment of pure happiness and innocence is truly spectacular. The pictures I get sent never fail to make me chuckle. I have portraits of my own kids hung on the walls of my home and they never fail to catch my eye, every time I walk past them.