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Hey guys,

Thank you for taking an interest in my tutorials page.

It took me several years of drawing 5-8 hours most days, along with countless hours of researching the tools and techniques needed to achieve the results seen in the portraits I create today. I was never really in a financial position to allocate several hundred pounds to tutorials from the artists I admired, which would have undoubtedly accelerated this huge learning curve, so I wanted to put something together that was not only educational and insightful, but cost effective also. With this in mind, I created the following real time tutorials to help show you how to achieve stunning, photorealistic finishes to your portraits. You will learn my process of how I layer graphite pencils (excluding the charcoal bundle) to showcase a full range of beautifully rich, saturated values, including the deepest of blacks.

The following tutorials focus on rendering your portrait and will take you from outline stage to completion, so whichever method you use to create your outline, whether it be freehand, grid method, Loomis method, or any other method of choice, by the end of your lesson you will have learned the skills necessary to create dazzling photo like finishes to your portraiture. 

Some tutorials were created using graphite pencils, and some charcoal.

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