How To Make The Best Artists Overhead Filming Station / Rig for Camera or Phone

If, like me, you’re an artist who’s been wanting to video document their work from above, but has been left feeling a little frustrated by failed attempts using products that do not quite do the job that you need, then you’ll be as excited as I was when I came across these products.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to find the right equipment to make a structure that’ll hold my camera or phone, securely, without any shaking whatsoever, also one that is affordable. After lots of research I’ve found the perfect solution, all for around £65. If you’ve been having the same problems then read on and I’ll give you a short list of equipment, along with step by step instructions on how it all connects.

List of equipment

2x uprights - 'Mini Light Stands'. I used my ring light stand and an old camera tripod, as shown in the pictures, but you can purchase 2 cheap mini light stands which will sit on top of your work surface. Try and get ones that extend to between 50-100 cm, as this will give you some play in height. My crossbar is set at 55cm above the worktop. Ebay £8.99 each.

1x Cross Bar. I bought a black19mm steel pole from B&Q. 180cm. £5.95. They also have poles that are longer or shorter.

2x Double Grip Swivel Head Wheel Clamp Connector. These join the crossbar to the uprights (mini light stands). Easy to use, just turn the handle until it comes apart and sandwich the pole in between. Ebay £9.49 each. These clamps have holes for 4 different size poles on each side of the clamp - 18mm 21mm 25mm 28mm. So long as your poles aren't thicker than 28mm, you'll be ok to use them. If your pole doesn't quite fit then just choose a hole thats slightly bigger and add an adhesive foam furniture floor protector strip to the pole, so the extra thickness will give you a tight clamp


1x 11" Articulating Extension Arm With Super Clamp. Ebay £10.99. This will attach to the cross bar at one end and hold the camera at the other. You may not need the arm if you’re creating your art on a flat surface and pointing the camera directly down (as in picture), you can just use the super clamp (the bit with the silver handle). I draw on a table top easel which is set at an incline, and the arm provides the right angles for this.


 1x 360’ Rotating Panoramic Ball Head, with quick release plate. This will be secured at one end of the ext arm and will connect to your camera and will provide you with much more room for adjustment. Ebay £13.99. Just double check that this, along with the ext arm supports the weight of your camera and lens.


1x Camera Screw Pack. Tripod screw adaptor converter. 1/4” to 3/8 “ converter pack. Male to female. female to male. Ebay £9.99. These screws will help to attach all connections... Camera to super clamp, camera to extension arm, panoramic ball head to extension arm or super clamp,

There is a phone attachment which will fit to the extension arm or super clam, but I have yet to purchase this. Will update when I'm able to test it out.

In the mean time, have fun creating your new rig and I'll catch you on the next blog :)